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    DoggyBiome Gut Health Restoration System

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    Gut Health Restoration System

    The DoggyBiome Gut Health Restoration System is designed from researchers at UC Davis.

    It's a powerful probiotic backed by years of good science. 

    Why Would Your Dog Need DoggyBiome?

    An imbalance in the bacteria living in your dog's gut is often the cause of many chronic diseases.

    In fact, an unhealthy gut is often called "the great mimicker" because it can take on the form of so many health issues. These include (but aren't limited to):

    • Skin Diseases (allergies)
    • Thyroid issues
    • Joint disease and pain
    • Heart disease
    • Neurological and eye disorders
    • Inflammatory bowel disease
    • Liver, gallbladder and pancreatic diseases
    • Collapsing trachea and laryngeal paralysis
    • Behavior problems such as aggression
    • Autoimmune diseases and nutritional deficiencies which, if left untreated, can lead to some forms of cancer from the chronic inflammation

    Your dog's gut is responsible for more than 70% of her immune system.

    With an unhealthy gut, no amount of raw food or supplements can support your dog's health and longevity.

    It's true ... good health begins in the gut.

    What Is The Gut Microbiome?

    The microbiome is communities of bacteria, fungi and viruses that live in your dog's body and especially his gut. 

    A 2007 study in cats with inflammatory bowel disease found that healthy cats had a much higher bacteria count in their gut. And a 2014 article in Cell found that people living in high-income countries have microbiomes that are less diverse and less resilient than those from third world countries.

    So maintaining and replenishing your dog's gut bacteria should be the foundation of good health and disease management for every dog.

    That's where DoggyBiome comes in ...

    What Is DoggyBiome?

    DoggyBiome is healthy, probiotic-rich dog fecal matter carefully tested and manufactured in a state of the art university research lab. 

    Transferring fecal matter from healthy dogs has been a veterinary staple for years ... and it's growing in popularity every year. Fecal transplants might sound strange or even gross but they are proven effective against a wide range of health issues ... even deadly intestinal infections that are antibiotic resistant.  

    Fecal transplants can restore the numbers and the diversity of gut bacteria. AnimalBiome fecal transplant pills are easy to swallow and they come from pre-screened donor dogs in a state of the art manufacturing plant. 

    Don't worry ... all donor dogs are family pets living in homes. They just have really healthy microbiomes!

    Plus we've arranged a deal with AnimalBiome so that only raw fed dogs will be donors for your dog's DoggyBiome capsules. This will give you the best balance and the most diverse strains of probiotics. 

    All DoggyBiome fecal donors are screened for parasites, disease, health and age, and only the best microbiomes are chosen. The donor's fecal matter is then screened for pathogens at a UC Davis PCR and Diagnostics Core Facility for the ultimate in safety and quality control. 

    While surgical fecal transplants can cost $1,500 or more, DoggyBiome is convenient capsules you can place in your dog's food twice a day ... for a fraction of the cost.

    Why Not Probiotics?

    DoggyBiome is the ultimate probiotic!

    Most probiotics are derived from dairy products or soil, so they only carry a few of the strains that reside in your dog's gut. While this is fine for most healthy dogs, DoggyBiome provides all of the native probiotics that live in the healthy dog's gut ... probiotics your dog might be missing.

    The native probiotics found in DoggyBiome can often be the quickest and and most powerful path to restore health in many dogs. 

    DoggyBiome Directions

    Dogs under 20 pounds: Choose the small capsule. Give twice a day for 25 days.

    Dogs over 20 pounds: Choose the standard capsule. Give twice a day for 25 days.

    How Long Will DoggyBiome Last?

    Each bottle of DoggyBiome contains 50 capsules and will last 25 days.

    How Will I Know If DoggyBiome Is Working?

    There are two ways to know if DoggyBiome is working for your dog.

    1. Your dog's health issues will start to resolve. Of course, this is the best way, but not all dogs will improve after 25 days. 

    2. Add the AnimalBiome Gut Health Test Kit. This kit will analyze your dog's gut health compared to health dogs ... or you can take the test before and after and see how your dog's gut health is improving after taking DoggyBiome.

    Your dog's gut is responsible for more than 70% of her immune system ... don't try to manage any health issue without first repairing your dog's gut health!

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    Every Dog Deserves A Healthy, Happy Life!

    We love dogs and we try to give them the best life possible. Money is no object when it comes to their food and veterinary care ... but half of adult dogs today will still get cancer.

    That's a staggering statistic - and it's a statistic we want to do something about.

    And that's how Dogs Naturally was born - out of a need to get back to basics and change our dog's health care from chemicals, drugs, pesticides, antibiotics and processed foods, to whole fresh foods, proven natural supplements and a strong, healthy immune system. We believe the path to a truly healthy dog lies not in protecting him from disease with chemicals, but in supporting his health and immune system so he doesn't get disease in the first place.

    We believe that good health and disease resistance come from within - so we work with leading holistic veterinarians to help dog owners like you give their dogs the gift of good health through a more natural lifestyle.

    Everything we do is to support you in your own journey toward natural healthcare. From the magazine to the free blog articles and guides, from the DNM Academy to DNM University, we're here to give you a safe, friendly community where you can get quick health tips and even earn certifications in natural healthcare topics.

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